Shakespeare Noir



The relationship question

Has already been asked

So I thought to myself

Am I up to the task

Thinking back on the things

That Iíve learned from my past

That I know what I need

To make one to succeed

That it takes more than emotion

To take hold of the notion

That a long term commitment requires devotion

Now women and men of like-minded opinion

Can share common viewpoints

Without exerting dominion

By preferring to converse on our differing views

We can both win the discussion

Without repercussion

And end up in a place where neither will lose

You see, I choose to elevate
Myself above my current state
And put an end to the ongoing debate
Regarding love and hate
To show to you that itís not too late
If youíre willing to let go
And define your own fate
A more positive position
For the betterment of self
Because itís better to love
And to be loved
Than to put love on the shelf
And to suffer from silent deprivation
And senseless insinuation
It's time for a new revelation
A rebirth of self
A new lesson to learn
Through re-education 
By verbal stimulation
Of the mind
To touch your spirit with a certain kind
Of emotional communication
That goes beyond words
Thoughts and even poetry
Moving your soul with an
Uncommon flow, you see
This allows you to elevate
Yourself to a new dimension
Of awareness and comprehension
That not only stimulates
But penetrates
And on this I would debate
That Heart and Mind canít equate
What Body and Soul tries to state
As being obvious notions
As youíre confronted by your emotions
Sparked by the words that I say
You feel that itís right and must obey
And choose to re-evaluate
Your current emotional state
But you canít substantiate
Why you allow this fear
To continually intimidate you
Keeping you from knowing
What it feels like to
Experience knowledge growing
Inside, defining you
However, rather than berate
Allow me to inflate

Your being
Put you in a more positive state
Because itís my personal mandate
To navigate
That inner part of you waiting
For me to initiate
And separate
The truth from the lie
That Iíll hurt you or despise
Finding out why
Youíre not perfect
But allows me to disseminate
Or better speculate
The cause for your present state
Of emotional captivity
And introduce serenity
And hopefully

Set you free
To see
That while others set about
To intimidate
I will, with no need to hesitate
My words with my actions
And pray that you can reciprocate
With future intentions
To become emotionally intimate
And learn to retaliate with love
Instead of hate
Making me the emotional recipient
Of this mental connection
Making you my equal
Not my subordinate
Because when two souls meet
And honestly communicate
Our desire to tear down
Destroy and disintegrate
The walls that guard our emotions
Weíll come to a better understanding
Of each other and will alleviate
The fear of not knowing if
We can relate