Do I



Do you think that I could be that man

That you want to spend the rest of your life with

Sit by the bay and have long evening talks with

On warm summer nights, take midnight strolls with

Do I look like the type that has the endurance

To handle your hardships, sorrows, and hurts

That will rub your feet and your shoulders

After a long day of work

Do you think that you love me

Because of the way that I look

Do my eyes tell a story like a fantasy book

Are the soft spoken tones of my

Smooth, calming voice

Able to confirm that by choosing me

You made the right choice

Do the words that I whispered soft in your ear

Resonate in your soul

Do they offer you peace, promise love, give you cheer

Does the touch of my fingers send chills down your spine

When my kiss meets your kiss

Is it a true love divine

Do I manipulate your emotions

When you spend time with me

I know Iím at peace

Because with you, I can just BE

It doesnít matter to me that

To another man these things could apply

But what I want to know really is

Baby, Do I?