A Lover’s Tale
Shakespeare Noir


The story of love and happiness is sometimes thought of as a fantasy only to be lived out by the characters made up along the way. Not true because love came down on me one day and I experienced what others can only dream of. Here is my version of that story. 

It was at a time in my life when I had given up on love. Love evaded me constantly like the cloud flees from the sun on a summer’s day. I, the sun-darkened god of my little world, decided to put an end to my ill-temperament and leave the task of finding Joy in other hands. Walking alone in my domain; tall, dark, handsome, and available – tended to make me somewhat confused. Here stood the desire of many a heart; a black man, strong, driven, dedicated, and full of love but none were receptive of the love that was in me so none were to have mine. My heart became barren and dry, a wasteland of tarnished dreams and bruised emotions. I kicked around there for many months and days… wandering atop its dunes. I scanned its horizons for just a glimmer of hope and none was to be found there for me.  

On this one day, a most typical day by all standards, a few dust devils playing about my feet as I walked along, a very unusual thing took place. A mirage appeared on my horizon. I was astonishment by the site but highly reluctant as I had been fooled in the past by such images. So I cautiously approached.  Reluctantly, I made an attempt to establish contact and was pleasantly surprised to have received a response back! Now, my interest was aroused, but I was still not convinced that this was the real deal so I did what anyone else in my situation would have done…

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