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Book Description
Publication Date: August 9, 2013

After undergoing a life altering period, I needed a way to express my hurt, anger, sadness, love, fear, and remorse. I found that journaling was a very effective way to express these thoughts. 

I discovered in time that there was some other influences in those writings that could possible inspire, encourage, or motivate others towards healing or expressing themselves. 

Written expression can often times be more effective than a spoken word. Even though spoken words convey emotion and attitude through inflection, the written words and thoughts of a person goes a long way towards framing more imaginative processes of outlining thoughts and allows the reader the freedom to "paint pictures" that reflects themselves in a very personal way.

While reading “Windows to the Soul”, you’ll discover a portrayal of riveting, mesmeric, fearless expression of human sentiments, passions, social conditions, and love.

“Windows to the Soul” gives the reader a wealth of poetic insights covering a broad spectrum of topics. The reader will feel validated for their emotions, encouraged in their despair, and enlightened to the beauty of love and family. 

The poetry is eloquent and reading it alone will not satisfy your inquisitiveness and enjoyment. You will feel compelled to speak, live, and breathe through the “Windows to the Soul”.

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